Supercharge Your Aussie Connection: Unveiling the Telco X1 Pro 5G – Designed Down Under for Superior Connectivity

Supercharge Your Aussie Connection: Unveiling the Telco X1 Pro 5G – Designed Down Under for Superior Connectivity main image Supercharge Your Aussie Connection: Unveiling the Telco X1 Pro 5G – Designed Down Under for Superior Connectivity image

Introducing the Australian-Designed Industrial 5G Modem Router: The Telco X1 Pro 5G Your Gateway to Unparalleled Connectivity, From Brisbane to Broome and Everywhere in Between

There's never been a better time to upgrade your internet experience, and Telco Antennas is here to make it happen. We've taken the best features of our Telco X1 Pro, supercharged it with the power of 5G, and proudly designed and engineered it right here in Brisbane, Australia. In this blog post, we're stoked to share the phenomenal benefits of our Telco X1 Pro 5G - a router that's ready to tackle the toughest Aussie conditions and revolutionise your connectivity.


Key Features and Benefits of our Aussie Telco X1 Pro 5G Industrial Modem Router

Our 5G modem router, the Telco X1 Pro 5G, is a high-performance device packed with features designed for Aussies:

  1. Carrier Unlocked: Whether you're with Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone, our 5G router isn't tied to any mobile network, giving you the freedom to choose your carrier.
  2. Band Locking: Optimise your connection by locking on to the most effective LTE bands, whether you're in the heart of Sydney or the outskirts of Alice Springs.
  3. Bridge Mode: Our 5G modem router can pass on the mobile network IP address settings to an attached device, allowing you to integrate seamlessly with industrial firewalls or other network appliances.
  4. Remote Management: Keep an eye on your Telco X1 Pro 5G using our innovative Telco Cloud Management System, even if you're exploring the outback.
  5. Antenna Compatibility: The X1 Pro 5G works with external antennas for MIMO 5G/4G and MIMO WiFi, ensuring optimal reception whether you're in the Daintree Rainforest or the Nullarbor Plain.
  6. Inclusive Accessories: Your purchase includes DIN Rail Brackets.
  7. Support for Optional Accessories: Use with alternative power supplies and more - contact us for more info!


Ideal Use Cases for Our Industrial 5G Modem Router

  • Fast WiFi On The Move: Turn your ute, caravan, or boat into a mobile hotspot with our 5G modem router.
  • Remote Work Sites: Whether you're mining in Kalgoorlie or farming in Tamworth, our 5G router guarantees reliable internet service where conventional routers don't reach.
  • Business Use: Keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly with our 5G router's ultra-low latency and high-speed connection, perfect for cafes in Melbourne, boutiques in Bondi, or B&Bs in Byron Bay.
  • Home Office or Small Business Branch: Whether you're working from your beach house on the Gold Coast or running a business from the Barossa Valley, the powerful WiFi signal of our X1 Pro 5G can cover your space and handle multiple users.


G'day to TelcOS Melaleuca: The Operating System for our Modem Routers

Here at Telco Antennas, we've developed the finest operating system for our modem routers.

Stand-out features of our operating system include:

  • Quick Setup: Our brand new Quick Setup wizard makes getting started easier than a walk in the park.
  • Accurate Signal Information: Our system provides real, accurate metrics of your signal strength, so you're not left guessing.
  • Band Locking: You can lock onto the best frequency bands in your area for the most reliable and speedy internet connection possible.
  • Bridge Mode: This setting allows you to share the mobile network IP address settings with a connected device.


About Telco Electronics

We have over a decade of experience solving connectivity challenges all over Australia. Our local team has used this experience to design the X1 Pro 5G, aiming to optimise your internet connection far beyond what standard consumer equipment or ISP-provided gear can offer.


Ready for a 5G-powered future, Australia?

Choose the Telco X1 Pro 5G today and experience the full power of 5G for yourself. With our local Brisbane-based team at your service, top-notch support and powerful performance are just a phone call away. With the Telco X1 Pro 5G, we're not just providing a router; we're making a promise to keep you connected, no matter where in Australia you are.


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