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Boost Prepaid Mobile coverage maps depict mobile phone coverage, mobile broadband speeds and coverage areas.

Owned by Telstra, Boost is the only Telstra MVNO to utilise the entire Telstra Next-G 3G and partial 4G service, providing coverage to over 99% of Australia's population.


Boost 3G Mobile Broadband Speeds

This map will display expected performance for wireless broadband in different areas.

The different colours on this map depict the type of network technology used by towers in your area.

With unrestricted access to the entire Next-G network, Boost offers theoretical peak speeds of up to 42Mbps in DCHSPA+ areas.

Typical speeds can be between 2 and 10Mbps, depending on the type of HSPA service being available in the area. No 4G LTE services are available on Boost Prepaid Mobile.


Map Colour Key

- Blue: DC-HSPA+, speeds up to 43.2Mbps down, 14.4Mbps up - Light Blue: HSPA+, speeds up to 21.6Mbps down, 7.2Mbps up, with optical fibre backhaul - Orange: UMTS, supports speeds up to 14.4Mbps down, but often capped at 3.6 - 7.2Mbps due to limited backhaul capacity.


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