Guide to Using Tripods

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The tripod's versatile design can be scaled to suit a wide range of purposes for different situations.

They are light weight, provide great rigidity and mast stability, and in most cases can be easily transported.

The can be adapted to suit a range of conditions and therefore are used across many industries including telecommunications.



They are quickly assembled and dissembled and are perfect for temporary installations such as remote areas where strong reception or existing infrastructure has been damaged due to severe weather etc..


Permanent and adjustable

Depending on the construction materials used, tripods can be heavy duty, permanent structures that can support sizable headloads at good heights, where they can be stabilised further with guy wires. Some adjustable designs can accommodate for rough/uneven ground, and are used on rooftops or hillsides.

Tripods are secured in place via their feet, which can be designed to use pegs that are hammered into the ground, plates that screw to roof supporting structures, or bolts directly into concrete.

Simplicity means tripods can be readily adapted to meet specific requirements.

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