Guide to airMax Point to Point/Multipoint Bridging

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airMax Point to Point/Multipoint Bridging

The Ubiquiti airMAX series is a one-step solution to sharing broadband Internet connectivity over Point-to-Point (PtP), Point-to-Multi-Point (PtMP) networks.

With a range of different capabiltiies, most AirMAX hardware can be set to operate on 802.11b/g/n/ac in AP or WDS mode to extend WiFi coverage in buildings and outdoors.

Ubiquiti's line of networking hardware integrates the antenna, network hardware, and management software all in the one weatherproof enclosure for the quickest and most intuitive installation you'll ever complete.


Powerful Software Features

Powered by Ubiquiti's powerful airOS and loaded with features and optimisations for outdoor wireless performance, Ubiquiti's airMAX platform features airView Spectrum Analysis and airControl central device management.


Nationwide Contracting

We provide integrated solutions from the 3G air interface right through to the wired Ethernet network.

Due to their excellent reputation and pricing, Ubiquiti is our chosen provider for wireless mesh, point to point, high powered and distributed WiFi.

Having integrated Ubiquiti into hundreds of remote sites in short/long haul, M2M, telemetry, last mile, solar relay, distributed WiFi, and other unique wireless applications, you can count on our team to provide design, configuration, and troubleshooting support that comes from practical experience.

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