Guide to Antennas for Home and Office

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This quick and easy guide will help you select the most suitable antenna for your home or office.


Directional Antennas

Similar in appearance to a TV antenna, directional antennas are designed to be roof mounted and must be pointed at a base station to provide higher performance. Directional antennas provide substantially higher performance than omnidirectional types.


Omnidirectional Antennas

This type of antenna can receive signals from all directions, and will often be a lengthy tube containing a series of copper elements.

We have small desk antennas - if you need something portable (or just to give it an extra boost) - and large roof mounted antennas for permanent house installations.


Choosing the right antenna

When it comes to antennas for the house, the best option is always an externally mounted antenna.

Your first step is to scope the problem:

  • How many bars of service do you currently have?
  • Is signal strong outside and just poor inside?

It's important to work out where your nearest base station is and how many base stations are in your area.

You can find this out by following our Guide to Locating a Phone Tower.

If you're having trouble working it out - you can book a Detailed Site Assessment where we will look after everything for you.

Learn more - read our Guide to Selecting the Right Antenna, view our selection of antennas or contact us for a chat.