Guide to Choosing a UHF Antenna

Guide to Choosing a UHF Antenna main image Guide to Choosing a UHF Antenna image

Choosing a UHF antenna is easy.

Unlike mobile phones where you have different frequencies, all UHF/CB radios transmit and receive on one frequency - 477MHz.

Often the choice is actually more about practicality - for example, is flexibility important?


Which UHF antenna is best for me?

The choice of antenna depends on where you're travelling.

While a higher gain means a stronger signal, when you increase the antenna's gain (i.e. its dBi), you reduce the angle it receives signal - this means that high gain antennas are more suited to flatter areas, and moderate gain antennas (such as 5-6dBi) are better suited to hilly areas.


Which brand do I need - RFI or ZCG?

ZCG Scalar bullbar antennas are designed with solid copper radiating elements, designed to last on even the toughest of corrugated roads.

RFI branprovide excellent performance for a reasonable price - they are typiclly used on fleet and emergency vehicles in regional and rural areas. However, if you frequent unsealed roads or rough terrain, ZCG's UHF antenna series is our preferred choice.


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