Guide to Smart Repeaters - International Carriers

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We provide Cel-Fi Smart Repeater units for most international networks - contact our team to arrange a system that is compatible with your network.


Interference-free mobile coverage

Cel-Fi is a smart signal booster. It relies on intelligent, self-organising algorithms so you can benefit from the largest area of coverage without compromising or interfering with your mobile operator’s networks, or impeding other subscribers’ signals.


Plug and play

Cel-Fi does not require any new equipment, configuring, or changes to existing network infrastructure or mobile devices.

It's a plug and play device, which means there's no need for professional installation - no drilling and no cables.


Country & operator specific solutions

Cel-Fi Smart Repeater units are controlled and operated as an extension of an operator’s network. This is what allows Cel-Fi (by regulatory authority), to boost signals about 1000x more than other solutions, and therefore cover very large areas even if the original network signal is weak.


Licensed and authorised

Broad-spectrum repeaters can cause interference and damage to networks, so operators have adopted a strict policy against the use of legacy signal boosters on their own networks. However, Cel-Fi (the only smart signal booster of its kind), is authorised for use by each carrier, and allowed to transmit on their licensed spectrum, without impacting other users.

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