Guide to Telescopic Masts

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When extended, telescopic masts can provide extreme length in comparison to their compact retracted length.

The mast sections slide into each other as sleeves, and the overall length of a mast will vary depending on the number of sections. Some designs collapse as little as 15% of the fully extended length, making telescoping masts ideal for temporary setups and easy transportation.



Versatility is a key characteristic, making them popular for man portable kits and vehicle mounted bases, so they are especially suited to emergency relief work in areas affected by severe weather, or disaster affected areas where existing communication infrastructure is damaged.

For semi-permanent or permanent installations, guy wires are commonly used to provide additional stability.

Like most transportable masts, height is a limitation, this is compared to the height achieved with a permanent installation - however the latter is often outweighed by the ability to change locations to areas with better RF signal.


Custom built

Customising telescopic masts to suit a raft of different applications is relatively easy, and in a lot of cases, explains why they are a popular choice.

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