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We stock a wide range of mobile phone and UHF antennas for your car or truck as well a range of brackets to suit the many different mounting positions on your vehicle.

If you're after a UHF CB radio you can find them here.


Which type do I need?

The choice of antenna depends on the area where you're travelling.

A higher gain means a stronger signal, so when you increase an antenna's gain (i.e. its dBi), you reduce the angle it can receive signal - this means that high gain antennas are more suited to flatter areas, and moderate gain antennas (such as 5-6dBi) are better suited to hilly areas.


How do I install the antenna?

Installing an antenna on your car is easy. The only tool you need is a spanner! A few zip-ties and some corrugated conduit can be used for an extra tidy installation.

You can drop in to your local Autobarn or Supercheap Auto and they can arrange a professional installation for you.

All our antennas come supplied with basic installation instructions.


What about Internet Connectivity?

Appropriate antennas plus a Modem Router will generally provide the best all-around internet experience.  See our Guide To Modem Routers for an introduction.


Two antennas

If this is your second antenna, it's important to keep the two separated by around 30cm to avoid potential interference.

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