Guide to Wired and Wireless Networking

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Wired and wireless networking

With access to a diverse network of domestic and international suppliers, we provide the full spectrum of communication services and solutions - from the air interface through to a distributed wireless or Ethernet based network.


We can customise solutions for you

Our qualified tradespeople and Australia-wide network of IT contractors, consult, design, and install 3G and wireless network designs across Australia.

We customise solutions to all sorts of communication challenges so that families and communities, business and government stay connected - it's why we get out of bed in the morning and it's the reason you'll find our equipment installed in thousands of homes and businesses across several countries.


Wireless network planning - setting you up for a win!

Never under-estimate the strength of quality planning - you can only make informed decisions if you know all the variables - this is where we can help.

Using industry leading radio planning and CAD tools, we perform a range of computer simulation and physical surveys, producing some of the most accurate WiFi designs available on the market.

Call or visit us for information on how we can support your next project's success.

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