Introduction to Cambium Networks

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Cambium Networks

Based in Rolling Meadows just outside of Chicago IL, Cambium Networks provide world-class wireless broadband and microwave solutions for military, government, municipal and enterprise customers around the world.

Cambium Networks has more than 3.2 million products deployed in thousands of networks in over 150 countries. Their breakthrough technologies provide reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity that’s easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding metrics.


Rock solid, collision free

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remains one of the most overlooked considerations made when choosing a vendor.

Many integrators are tempted to accept a product that presents low initial outlay, inadvertently accepting the risk of dramatic operating expenditures.

A low cost radio may be cheap to replace, but the associated loss of productivity and income can quickly run into the thousands - tens, even hundreds of thousands, for many industrial facilities.

Cambium radios sport some of the most wild MTBFs in the industry - with PTP600 boasting an expected life of 441 years.

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