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Outdoor Shielded Cat6

Outdoor Shielded Cat6outdoor shielded ethernet cable cat6 uv stable austel acma rcm tick

Introducing WildCat Shielded Cables

Protect your network from electronic static discharge, reduce system noise, and improve long distance performance with Telco WildCat Category 6 F/UTP Ethernet cables. The Wildcat series has been developed specifically for outdoor microwave and point to point/multipoint networking in mind. Heavily shielded from EMI/ESD and sporting a thick outdoor jacket (7.4mm OD), the cable series is designed for installation in exposed and harsh environments, as well as electrically-noisy indoor environments.

Unlike Ubiquiti ToughCable and other non-compliant imported cables, Wildcat Outdoor Cat6 cables are fully ACMA S008:2010 compliant allowing them to be legally installed under your Open Cabling licence. This cable is the only compliant shielded Cat6 dual indoor + outdoor rated cable available in Australia.

ImageNamePriceAdd to Cart
custom made cat-6 ethernet shielded outdoor cableCat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP Ethernet Cable - Made to Order$0.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-0-5m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 0.5m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$12.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-1m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 1m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$15.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-2m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 2m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$19.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-3m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 3m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$25.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-5m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 5m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$29.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-10m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 10m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$39.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-15m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 15m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$49.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-20m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 20m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$59.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-25m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 25m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$69.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-30m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45, cat cable, computer Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 30m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$79.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-40m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 40m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$99.00
Cat6-Outdoor-UV-FUTP-50m-Ethernet-Cable-ESD-Shielded-RJ45Cat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP 50m Ethernet Cable - ESD Shielded RJ45$119.00
Cat6 Outdoor UV-FUTP-Ethernet-Cable-100m-Reel spoolCat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP Level-1 Ethernet Cable - 100m Reel$169.00
outdoor cat6 ftp drop cable ACMA c tick ethernet RJ45 305m reel spoolCat6 Outdoor UV F/UTP Level-1 Ethernet Cable - 305m Reel$349.00
Cat6 outdoor UV SFTP braid shielded ethernet cable ACMA compliantCat6 Outdoor UV SF/UTP Level-2 Braided Ethernet Cable - 100m Reel$229.00
Cat6 outdoor UV SFTP braid shielded ethernet cable ACMA compliantCat6 Outdoor UV SF/UTP Level-2 Braided Ethernet Cable - 305m Reel$469.00