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Office In-Building Coverage Repeater System - Customised Solution

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Office In-Building Coverage Repeater System
- Provide full indoor mobile reception to staff/customers
- Increase staff retention & productivity
- Improve Telstra coverage for any mobile phone wirelessly
- Australia's only legal mobile phone repeater system

A missed phone call can mean the difference between landing and losing a client or sale. It's a well known fact that enabling staff to keep in contact with family can dramatically reduce employee turnover, particularly those working in remote areas, on long shifts/rotations, or under FIFO arrangements.

The Smart Repeater system provides significantly increased in-building 3G mobile phone coverage for up to 20 devices, and allowing 5 simultaneous phone calls per unit. Large homes or offices can deploy several units per floor for increased capacity or a larger coverage area.

Each Smart Repeater typically creates a 20-30m radius coverage area in normal home or office environments, with up to an impressive 100m radius in open areas such as supermarkets or farms as reported by our customers. Like all wireless systems coverage area is reduced by the signal having to travel through thick walls or floors so actual coverage area will vary depending on your unique situation.

How Do I Order?

Because every building is unique we'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you in designing a customised solution that best suits your situation. So instead of having you add this product to cart, we'd like to discuss a solution with you via email or phone. Our contact details are available here.

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