Telco Cloud Management System Quick Start

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Quick Start Examples

Templates – Editing and Applying Configurations

Device settings are changed via Templates (found under Main Menu > Templates).  You apply templates to a device and they are pushed, in order from top to bottom, to that device the next time it checks in with the system, which by default happens every 2 minutes.  You can apply the same set of configuration options to multiple devices. 

Auto Registration and Enabled by Default

Templates can be “enabled by default” so that they are automatically applied to any of your devices as soon as they register under your account.


Configuration Variables

What if you want some device to have a different WiFi password or SSID than the others?  Do you need to make a new template?  Not necessary.  You can navigate to that particular device and give it a unique value using Configuration Variables.

Most templates have some pre-set Configuration Variables in them, along with default values, to make it easy for you to change some of the most commonly customised parameters on your devices.   Open a template to see the pre-set configuration variables, or feel free define your own. 


Configuration Variables: How to define your own in a Template:

  1. Add the Configuration Variable name along with it’s default value at the top of the Template by clicking the green +

  1. Next, put the variable wherever you want it to be by wrapping it in two curly braces like this: {{WIFI_SSID}}


  1.  Finally, to use the configuration variable, you can override the default value when editing a Device:


Commands Feature

You can run virtually any shell command from this box and be shown the output immediately.  From here you can also reboot the device or change the password.


Get Mobile Signal Strength

  1. From the Home Page, click the Menu on the upper right and go to Devices to see your devices
  2. Select a device by clicking its name
  3. Click the Send Command button then > Custom
  4. Run either of the following commands:
    1. qmicli -p -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --nas-get-signal-strength
    2. mmcli -m any --signal-get

What's New

  • Changing Modem connection settings via templates (APN, authentication, PIN)
  • Wireguard management VPN
  • Signal Information Charting