TelcOS Melaleuca Release Notes

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TelcOS Melaleuca 3.5.x

  1. Real-Time Mobile Signal Charts
    1. Chart signal in real-time
    2. LTE, 5G, and 3G supported
    3. Export the data as CSV to analyze in Excel, Tableau, or other software
  2. IGMP Snooping enabled by default
  3. Spanning Tree Protocol enabled by default
  4. CPU base clock speed boost resulting in up to 10x lower local latency over WiFi and switch
  5. Web Console - run CLI commands from the comfort of the web GUI (3.5.2+)
  6. Modem Firmware Upgrader (3.5.3+)
  7. GUI support for IPSec (3.5.4+)
  8. Bugfix - Quick Setup page not accepting new APN settings with Overdrive Mode on (3.5.5+)
  9. Bugfix (3.5.6) - Mobile Settings page not displaying
  10. Bugfix (3.5.6) - Overdrive mode conflicts with unsupported devices
  11. Bugfix (T1 3.5.2) - Overdrive mode conflicts with T1 on Bridge Mode, Band Locking,
    and Mobile Data Status pages
  12. Bugfix (X1 Pro 3.5.8) - Overdrive mode conflicts with X1 Pro on Bridge Mode and
    Mobile Data Status pages
  13. Bugfix (T1 3.5.9) - Optimise size to allow easy upgrades from older versions.

TelcOS Melaleuca 3.4.x

  1. UI refresh
    1. Bridge Mode-enabled reboot, regular Reboot, Firmware Upgrade, and Restore page improvements (from 3.4.3)
    2. Progress bar
    3. Model of device LED status
    4. Table of default settings (during upgrade only)
    5. Snake game (operations initiated via Basic Administration only)
  2. Check for Updates button in Basic Administration (from 3.4.3)
  3. Fixes several important bugs across the UI that could negatively impact user experience
  4. Do not allow keep settings on upgrade in simple mode
  5. Remove GUI software installation
  6. Fix system LED