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TelcOS Melaleuca


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TelcOS Melaleuca 3.5.x

  1. Real Time Mobile Signal Charts
    1. Chart signal in real time
    2. LTE, 5G, and 3G supported
    3. Export the data as CSV to analyse in Excel, Tableau or other software
  2. IGMP Snooping enabled by default
  3. Spanning Tree Protocol enabled by default
  4. CPU base clock speed boost resulting in up to 10x lower local latency over WiFi and switch


TelcOS Melaleuca 3.4.x

  1. UI refresh
    1. Bridge Mode-enabled reboot, regular Reboot, Firmware Upgrade, and Restore page improvements (from 3.4.3)
    2. Progress bar
    3. Model of device LED status
    4. Table of default settings (during upgrade only)
    5. Snake game (operations initiated via Basic Administration only)
  2. Check for Updates button in Basic Administration (from 3.4.3)
  3. Fixes several important bugs across the UI that could negatively impact user experience
  4. Do not allow keep settings on upgrade in simple mode
  5. Remove GUI software installation
  6. Fix system LED


TelcOS Melaleuca 3.3.x

  1. [Critical] Fix an issue that could prevent the device from connecting after a reboot or upgrade
  2. Up to 8x faster Automatic Recovery
  3. Fix a reliability issue in Automatic Recovery that could cause some devices to fail to recover
  4. Bridge Mode
    1. support for X1 Pro 5G
    2. Added error log that is viewable from GUI
    3. Multiple bug fixes on the Bridge Mode page
  5. Quick Setup page - fixed multiple bugs
    1. Telstra Extranet GUI support for X1 5G
  6. Mobile Status page - fixed multiple bugs
  7. Removed support for SAMBA file sharing - quality not to standard + low interest
    1. Will revisit if sufficient interest - req. significant engineering work
  8. Fixed UNKNOWN status for X1 Pro 5G and X1 Pro
  9. Ensure the management interface is online when the mobile is online
  10. Add support for ECC keys
  11. Fix Telstra.Corp settings not being passed on X1 Pro 5G
  12. Adds Zerotier package
  13. Fix an upgrade compatibility issue with X1 Pro 5G
  14. Fix an issue showing Band Locking as available when it shouldn’t be on X1 5G
  15. Fix an issue with Overdrive Mode not deactivating correctly on X1 5G


  • fixed failed to register to Telco Cloud
  • fixed the failover issue

X1 Pro Release Notes


  • fix a few bugs on 3.0.1


  • Updated Telco Cloud Management System default VPN protocol to WireGuard
  • Added SNMP support
  • Updated SSL root certificates
  • Updated to new Linux kernel
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes


  • Add the missing VLAN configuration page
  • Decrease the time to hold the reset button from 5 seconds to 3 seconds to initiate a factory reset


  • Fix the issue where Telstra.Corp APNs are not saving after rebooting


  • Added missing OpenVPN support


  • Fixed an issue on the Quick Setup page that could result in an invalid APN setting
  • Fixed an issue with the CLI banner


This release is recommended for all customers and contains 1 critical bug fix, 1 new feature, and 1 improvements.

  • Critical bug fix that can impact Telco Cloud connectivity for TEL-T1 and TEL-X1-PRO
  • Improved integration and support for Telco Cloud Management System
  • In the event of no network connectivity, Telco Cloud monitoring data will be cached on the device until it can be sent, instead of being discarded.
  • WPA3 encryption support



This release is recommended for all customers and contains 1 critical bug fix, 1 new feature, and 3 improvements.

  • Critical: address regression that can lead to incorrect removal a required configuration element when editing MobileData interfaces
  • Feature: Added new CLI greeter showing system information
  • Improvement: Added 3GPP-compliant validation to APN and PIN fields on MobileData interface
  • Improvement: UI improvements to Bandlocking page
  • Improvement: Updated modem control software and libraries



  • Improved Automatic APN Selection
  • Experimental IPSec support (CLI only)
  • UPnP Support
  • Improved automatic recovery
  • Enhanced Telco Cloud Management System integration


Bug Fixes

  • System LEDs not operating properly
  • Automatic APN removes the APN entry in UCI configuration
  • Reset button handling
  • Modem startup does not alwasy succed on first boot or after installation
  • Cannot change APN on Network > Interfaces > Mobiledata page