M900 (900MHz)

The only unit available in this section is the Rocket M900. This radio provides a 900MHz point to point or point to multipoint wireless bridge to other Rocket M900’s. The key benefit of bridging on the 900MHz band (915MHz ISM band) is that links are achievable in non-line of sight environments such as areas with heavy vegetation, small terrain obstructions, or hillside reflectors.

The downside of operating on the 915MHz ISM band is the restrictions imposed by the ACMA – limiting your maximum EIRP power to 1W (30dBm), meaning with a good quality 10dBi antenna your radio power is limited to 20dBm (depending on feeder loss). This quite often restricts link distance to 1-10km depending on antenna and environment. ACMA also impose strict channel limitations, restricting channel width to 5 or 10MHz only. This limits maximum possible data rates to 32.5 or 65Mbps respectively (@ 64QAM 5/6 CR 2X2 MIMO).

Permitted Channels:

  • 5MHz @ 919.5MHz (centre freq)
  • 10MHz @ 922MHz (centre freq)
  • 5MHz @ 924.5MHz (centre freq)

To ensure maximum throughput and range it’s critical to deploy the highest gain antenna that the link characteristics permit, as while your EIRP must stay at or below 1W the key (as with all PtP links) is to increase receiver sensitivity and depress the noise floor to provide a higher SINR. Two antennas we recommend for the Rocket M900 are below:

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