Introducing Telco Antennas


We provide wireless products and installation to major industry, government, and commercial sectors. We are a professional, world-class interface for anyone seeking to improve their large or small wireless communications.


Our Brand


We supply high performance, carrier grade antenna equipment from 700 MHz to 38 GHz for commercial and residential markets. We design and install products specifically for the communication sector, including towers and bracketry, cellular repeaters, point to multipoint networks, and more.


Complex Enquiries


Our core focus is the optimisation of end-user high speed cellular (UMTS & LTE) broadband, utilising advanced antenna and networking hardware. The efficient and reliable redistribution of broadband access ranks of equal importance, using class and apparatus licensed wireless equipment to provide access several kilometres over point to point networks, and/or to multiple locations via distributed wireless or multipoint networks.


Our Team


Providing remote and high-speed communications across a region requires a diverse complement of highly skilled staff. Our team consists of, Field Technicians, Electricians, ACMA Licensed Cablers, Steel Fabricators, Draftspersons, and Network Engineers.


Our Clients


We provide wireless products and engineering services to most major companies in Australia, and a growing number of international clients.