12m to 50 m Guyed Steel Telecommunication Tower


  • 3M Sections
  • Fully Welded Galvanized Steel

Operation Loads
The following Operational Loads apply:
• Design Life 50 years
• Climbing load 1.7kN (horizontal bracing members)
• Wind Loads to AS3995-1994:
o Structure Type II
o Natural Frequency >1Hz
o Wind Region C
o Terrain Category 2
o Topographic multiplier 1
o Wind direction multiplier 0.95
o Flow type super-critical
o Drag force coeffect, Cd 1.2
o Base wind speed 70 m/s (252km/hr)
o Max Free stream gust wind pressure 4.42 kPa
• Tower erecting loads.
• Earthquake Loads
o Importance Level II
o Location Hazard Factor (Z) 0.08 Maximum (refer to AS1170.4 Figure 3.2 A-F)
o Annual probability of exceedance 1/500
o Earthquake design category II

  • Applicable Standards
    The relevant sections of the following Australian Standards were used to assess the Tower:
    • AS 3995-1994 - Design of steel lattice towers and masts
    • AS 4100-1998 - Steel Structures
    • AS 1170.0-2002 - Structural design actions
    • AS 1170.2-2011 - Structural design actions - Wind actions
    • AS 1170.4-2007 - Structural design actions - Earthquake actions in Australia


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