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Access Points & Subscriberscambium ptp 650 access point master installed on roof

Cambium Access Points & Subscriber Radios

Cambium provide true industrial and WISP class point to point, and point to multipoint radio hardware. When making a major purchase, you inherently want to believe that your chosen product will operate flawlessly, forever. Of course, no manufacturer can guarantee that their products won’t fail at some point. However, our Cambium Networks Point-to-Point (PTP) Wireless Ethernet Solutions have an impressive and reassuring track record for durability and reliability – even when deployed in some of the most hostile locations around the globe. As evidence of that durability and reliability, our PTP radios have logged more than 2.2 billion operational field hours worldwide. That sure sounds like forever. cambium mean time between failure

Rock Solid, Collision Free

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remains one of the most overlooked considerations made when choosing a vendor. Many integrators are tempted to accept a product that presents low initial outlay, inadvertently accepting the risk of dramatic operating expenditures. Can you or your clients business accept downtime? A low cost radio may be cheap to replace, but the associated loss of productivity and income can quickly run into the thousands (tens, even hundreds of thousands, for many industrial facilities). Cambium radios sport some of the most wild MTBF's in the industry - with PTP600 boasting an expected life of 441 years.

Introducing Cambium ePMP

Today’s fast-paced global economy requires reliable connectivity for everyone everywhere. There is an acute need for high-quality, scalable broadband solutions, which are becoming the gold standard of connectivity for businesses and consumers in order to succeed in an ever-changing and demanding globalised society. The ePMP platform from Cambium Networks meets this challenge head on. It is a breakthrough connectivity solution with innovative GPS sync technology, offering scalability, high-quality performance and reliable access to under and unconnected communities. Built on a legacy of field-proven technology, ePMP is a ground-breaking, state-of-the-art platform assuring optimal long term performance for all.

ePMP is an absolute game changer - finally a low cost, high performance point to multipoint radio series that retains high reliability has reached Australian shores. With a full complement of simple integrated, connectorised (for external antenna), and GPS synchronised radios, deployments are highly flexible to best match your network design.

ImageNamePriceAdd to Cart
Cambium PTP 450i Wireless BridgeCambium PTP 450i - 5.8GHz 200Mbps Bridge - Connectorised$0.00
cambium epmp1000 integrated 5GHz PtMP module access pointCambium ePMP 1000 - 11dBi 5GHz Multipoint AP/SM$229.00
cambium epmp1000 connectorised 5GHz PtMP module access pointCambium ePMP 1000 - Connectorised 5GHz Multipoint AP/SM$199.00
cambium epmp 1000 5GHz GPS wireless point to multipoint radioCambium ePMP 1000 - GPS Sync 5GHz Multipoint AP$769.00
Cambium ePMP 2.4 GHz Force 200 High Gain Radio $349.00
Cambium ePMP Force 180 integrated subscriber module wireless radioCambium ePMP Force 180 - 16dBi 5GHz Multipoint Radio$229.00
Cambium ePMP Force 200 dish subscriber module wireless radioCambium ePMP Force 200 - 25dBi 5GHz Wireless Bridge$349.00
motorola cambium pmp 450i 900MHz point to multipoint APCambium PMP 450i - 900MHz 100Mbps Multipoint AP - Connectorised$0.00
Cambium PMP 450i 900MHz wireless subscriber module radioCambium PMP 450i - 900MHz Multipoint Subscriber Module - Connectorised$0.00
Cambium ptp450 900MHz wireless bridge point to pointCambium PTP 450 - 900MHz Non-LoS Bridge - Connectorised$0.00
Motorola cambium PTP 450i integrated 23dBi antenna flat plateCambium PTP 450i - 5.8GHz 200Mbps Bridge - 23dBi Integrated$0.00
Cambium PTP650 integrated antenna 23dBi flat plateCambium PTP 650 - 5.8GHz 450Mbps Bridge - 23dBi Integrated$0.00
cambium ptp 650 heavy duty 256QAM wireless 5.8GHz bridgeCambium PTP 650 - 5.8GHz 450Mbps Bridge - Connectorised$0.00