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Telescopic Air-Operated Pneumatic Masts - Custom Built


Telescopic Air-Operated Pneumatic Masts
- Custom built to your specification
- Lightweight & durable aluminium alloy construction

To Order:

Telco offer a range of pneumatic masts to suit many applications. Although there are a number of pre-built systems designed especially for use within the communications industry in order to offer our clients the best possible price and tailor a system to meet your needs we do not offer this product for purchase through the website.

Please contact us to discuss a mast solution and pricing by filling out this
Specification Form for Telescopic Air-Operated Pneumatic Mast.

If the application has unusual parameters a Finite Element Analysis may be required to confirm that the mast will perform appropriately.

What is a Pneumatic Mast?

Telescopic Air Operated Masts are available in extended heights ranging between 2 and 20 metres and can support headloads from 2kg up to an impressive 130kg. These masts have been specifically designed to carry antennas, cameras, radar, meteorology and telemetry equipment to be mounted on the ground, on a building or on a vehicle.

All masts can be manually extended by their included hand pump or air compressor and are easily transported when retracted. There is an almost limitless selection of mast heights, mounting methods and vehicle mounting options.

Perfect for harsh Australian conditions

Constructed from light aluminium alloy, the masts are fully anodised and corrosion-proof to ensure long term survival in the most hostile environments. The gaskets are made of a special compound and can withstand temperatures between -30°C and +60°C.

These masts have a proven track record of durability and reliability, as clearly demonstrated by their extensive use within the mining industry and emergency services sector throughout Australia.

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Masts and Towers have a wait time of minimum 2-3 days
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