Remote Communications Setup designed for Caravans, Campers & Trailers


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Key Features

  • Full Kit - Everything you need to improve the Data Service for your Modem!

  • The Kit Includes the Directional Panel Antenna, Twin 10m of Cables, the Adaptors to connect to the Modem, with a Mast to mount it all on

  • Suits all current 3G, 4G & current 5G cellular networks no matter the Carrier

  • As recommended by the team at Overland Exposure


Kit Features & Usage

  • Optimise your Data Service whilst out on your travels by implementing the high gain RFI Wide-band MIMO 3G, 4G & 5G Directional Panel Antenna

  • The RFI Panel Antenna is perfectly suited for Travelling around, it offers a high 9-11dBi gain, yet still remains compact, ligthweight & is easily stored away

  • The RFI Panel Antenna is supplied with twin 10m Cables & Adaptors that will attach directly into the Two Ports on your Modem

  • A 5.7m Lightweight Aluminium Mast is included with this Kit so you can get the Antenna up and over any nearby obstructions; like trees and buildings that would be causing a drop in performance

  • The Galvanised Draw Bar Mount is a Modified Jockey Wheel that allows you turn the Mast & tune the Antenna towards the Local Tower without needing to pull the setup down to adjust

  • Due to the directive nature of the beam a Directional Antenna will offer more Power than what can be achieved through an Omni Directional setup

  • Being Directional you will require a semi clear path through to the Local Tower

  • We recommend using the Aus Phone Towers App, available on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store to find the local Towers in the area

  • Then simply orientate the Antenna towards the direction of the Tower, the Panel produces a 60° beamwidth so it is pretty forgiving when tuning.

  • Draw bar Clamp Brackets suits the following sizes 50x150mm, 100x100mm , 50x100mm, 75x75mm, 50x75mm


Kit Components



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  • up to 100m wifi coverage from your caravan
  • no adaptors needed with this kit - uses SMA connectors


Shipping Weight 9.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.230m
Shipping Length 2.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.048300000m3