Deploy, configure and monitor Telco devices via the Cloud

The Telco Cloud Management System makes it easy to remotely manage and monitor all of your Telco Electronics devices including Telco T1 and Telco X1 Pro. Conveniently deploy configurations en masse, as well as upgrade firmware and monitor device statistics.  Use Cloud access to monitor devices or implement configuration changes rather than planning a visit to site.  Are you an installer or managed services provider? You can also set up sub-accounts for your customers, allowing them to manage and monitor their own devices.


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Supported Devices


How to Get Started

  1. Purchase your licenses from us.
  2. Per device instructions
    1. Telco T1: Install TelcOS Melaleuca 1.3.6 onto your Telco T1 and allow it to connect to the Internet.
    2. Telco X1 Pro: Navigate to System > Telco Cloud Management and enable the service, and ensure the device has an Internet connection
  3. Send us the LAN MAC address and IMEI of your devices so we can activate them for you.
  4. After your order is processed, you will receive account details from us within 1 business day.

What our Customers are saying

  • We’ve been using the Telco X1 Pro along with the Cloud Management System for several weeks now – it is a fantastic platform for us to monitor the device easily. Previously we’ve had to contact site and remote into one of the staff computers to do so.


Easily monitor

  • System Load
  • Firmware Version
  • Signal Strength
  • IP address information
  • Connection quality
  • and much more!


Save yourself a visit to site

Diagnose and fix most problems via the Cloud that would have required a visit to site to fix, thanks to the total access and analytics that the Cloud system offers.


Device Analytics

View trends from 1 day out to 1 year so you can optimise your network.  You can even export the data to your favourite spreadsheet software.

Packet loss and latency


Signal Strength




Run Commands

Remote CLI access is built in, giving you total control from the Cloud

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Automatic Roll Back to Working Configurations

If a configuration change cannot be applied successfully, it will be rolled back automatically to the last good configuration.


Ensure all your devices have the right settings

  • Set configuration templates to be default and they will automatically be applied to all new devices.  You still have granular control over each individual device for customisations.
  • Use our existing templates as a base, or create your own custom templates


Alerts and notifications

A configurable notification system lets you know about any potential problems.  Send email alerts to you, your monitoring system or Network Administrators group.


Touchless Provisioning

You can set devices to automatically download and apply configuration templates as soon as they boot up.  Devices periodically check for configuration changes and download, test, then apply them.


No Public IP? No problem.

Telco Cloud Management System allows you to securely gather status information and manage device configurations even if the devices do not have public IP addresses


Telco Cloud Firmware Assurance

Ensure that the device comes right back online to your Telco Cloud Account even if it is factory reset.  Add Telco Cloud Firmware Assurance to obtain a custom TelcOS Melaleuca firmware that binds the device to your Telco Cloud Account.  Even if the device is factory reset, it will re-enrol into your Telco Cloud account and pull down the settings you want it to have.


  • Default LAN IP address
  • Default WiFi SSID/Password
  • Default Settings for services: VPN, VLAN, DDNS, etc
  • Default admin password
  • and more - just ask!
  • One lot of customisation per order

You will be provided with a firmawre image based on the latest stable TelcOS Melaleuca release with your custom settings baked in: TelcOS-Melaleuca-SKU-YourOrgName.bin


Important Information

Telco Cloud Managemnet System reserves two subnets for use by the management VPN's.  For the best experience, it is recommended to not use either of these subnets:

  • (OpenVPN management VPN)
  • (WireGuard management VPN)


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