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Australia's own Industrial 4G Modem Router

Best-in-class 600Mbps industrial grade CAT12 LTE-Advanced Pro modem router built for high performance professional and IoT applications

Developed for performance by Telco Antennas in Brisbane, Australia.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • " much faster than our old router - thank you!"
  • "We switched from your competition and are so much happier with your X1 Pro"
  • "I love the X1 Pro... I put it in bridge mode and run all my cameras off of it"
  • "...switched from DSL which was maybe 10Mbps down and less than 1 up... on the X1 Pro we get 240Mbps down 45Mbps up - Wow!!!"
  • "without any configuration in an area with 2 bars of mobile signal I was getting average speeds of about 35Mbs, maxing out around 60Mbs and the worst about 9Mbs.  After installing the Antenna I have an average speed above 130Mbswith a peak so far of 196Mbs and the worst performance being around 60Mbs. The connection is stable and I finally feel like have decent internet again."
  • "...unlike the others, your X1 has a very smooth and responsive user interface"
  • "...yours [Telco X1 Pro] was the only one that worked, the others didn't. I threw the other modems in the bin"
  • "I am up to 12 km from the Optus tower... On a clear day I can just see it. I tried the WIFI router [X1 Pro] just out of the box and it seemed to have reasonably good performance. I then installed the antenna... The system is amazing I get 50 Mbs on download and about 30 Mbs on upload. Seems to work really well in all conditions. It actually works better than my broadband in Canberra. I have used it mainly for video conferencing and streamed a few things and the speeds are amazing."
  • "Your X1 has been great...worth every penny!"


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Quick Start Guide




Key Features

  • 🚀 Cat12 LTE-A Pro speeds up to 600Mbps download 150Mbps upload
  • ✅ External MIMO antenna connectors (SMA)
  • ✅ 5X Gigabit Ethernet Ports (4 LAN, 1 WAN)
  • ✅ Fast, long range, dual Band WIFI Wave-2 802.11ac covering at least 200 square meters indoors
  •  Remote Management with Telco Cloud Management System, our remote monitoring and configuration suite
  • ✅ Rugged metal housing and extended temperature support designed for harsh environments
  • ✅ Compact size with DIN rail mounting option (included in box)
  • 🔥 Firewall and numerous VPN services including OpenVPN, WireGuard, CiscoAnyconnect, GRE and more
  • ✅ Excellent hardware/software synergy makes this a great performer for any environment including: residential, marine, vehicle, business and industrial
  • 🔒 Band Locking
  • ✅ Bridge Mode
  • 🤖 USB 2.0 interface and multiple programming options supported
  • ✅ 512MB DDR3 RAM for superior performance
  • ✅ Standardise your ICT on the X1 Pro via flexible firmware configuration management and Telco Cloud Management System - ask us about bulk purchasing
  • ✅ Automatic, configurable failover between LTE any ethernet WAN connection, including satellite/StarLink, NBN, DSL and more
  • ❤️ Developed in Brisbane, Australia with local, in-depth technical support and full software customisation support available


Our aim with the Telco X1 Pro is to set a new standard of performance both for home users and ICT professionals at a competitive value.  X1 Pro offers superior Cat12 LTE-A Pro connectivity at the same price as competing Cat-6 modem routers.  Other modem routers are capable of providing a basic connection, but they are generally lacklustre in the speed department, so we embarked to design a modem router that will truly meet expectations. Designed for reliable, high speed internet connectivity at your home, business, on the go, and even in harsh remote environments, we are proud to introduce the Telco X1 Pro LTE-A Pro Modem Router: a complete connectivity package providing high throughput, high availability, and plug and play setup.  Packed with features that make it ideal in any environment, the X1 Pro delivers business-grade speedspowerful WiFipro-level features and industrial-grade reliability backed up by a 2 year warranty.



  • Suitable for very high speed connection requirements or very rural deployments
  • Up to 600Mbps down / 150Mbps up internet speeds - Premium LTE Advanced Pro technology​
    • Faster than competing Cat4/Cat6 modem routers
  • Powerful 1200Mbps 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi technology and Gigabit Ethernet
    • Eliminate bottlenecks - get full WAN speeds over WiFi
      • 5GHz for speed
      • 2.4GHz for range
  • Quad Core - Shred through data packets with a high performance quad core ARM processor that never misses a beat.
  • Easy and Reliable - Running the acclaimed TelcOS Melaleuca, which is praised by customers for its ease of use, rich features and stability, you can get up and running with reliable high speed internet in a matter of minutes. Place the SIM card from your phone into the Nano SIM tray of the X1 Pro.  Up to 600Mbps down and 150Mbps.


Pro Features Include

  • Band Locking
  • Fine tune the X1 Pro in any situation
    • Bridge Mode
      • Integrate seamlessly with industrial firewalls, routers, camera systems and more
  • Cloud Ready - monitor and manage Telco X1 Pro from our Telco Cloud Management System
  • Per-Device Speed Limits
    • Set a maximum upload and download per connected device
  • Adaptable - Compact and featuring external antenna connectors for MIMO mobile data and MIMO WiFi
  • Multiple installation options
    • Included DIN rail brackets 
    • Set-top box
  • Global Network Support - High speed internet access wherever you may roam -- this modem features global frequency band support, operating on mobile networks anywhere in the world, making the X1 Pro ideal for marine and other travellers.
    • Well suited for areas with poor signal
    • Unlocked - use it on any mobile network that allows third party devices
  • Premium Qualcomm chip for maximum performance and reliability
  • 512MB DDR3 RAM for your application


Business, Industrial, Home, Office, Mobile, Marine

Telco X1 Pro is perfect for all connectivity needs:

  • remote or urban high speed internet access
  • video conferencing
  • Vehcile WiFi - see our Car Power Cord
  • content streaming
    • Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc...
  • business connectivity
    • payment processing
    • remote printing
    • Zoom®, Skype®, Teams® meetings
    • Mining industry
    • Cattle industry
  • web browsing
  • 4K UHD security cameras
  • high speed file transfer: download or upload
  • VPN
  • gaming
  • and much more!


Two devices in one

The X1 Pro combines a modem and a router in the one unit – each complete a specific task to provide LAN, WiFi and 4G wireless connectivity. The modem connects you to the Internet, while the router connects your devices to WiFi and Ethernet.

The Telco X1 Pro covers Telstra 4GXOptus 4G+, and Vodafone/TPG Mobile 4G networks with 3G fallback.


Not your average modem/router

While there are lots of combination modem/routers on the market, with varying degrees of efficiency and user experience, there are few, if any, that reliably provide full 600Mbps CAT12 MIMO LTE-A Pro access for 100+ users, and feature powerful dual band Wave-2 WiFi, enough gigabit ethernet ports to service a small office and a compact, rugged form factor complete with a multitude of mounting options.  For those who are keen, you can even run your own custom applications on it, as there is processing power to spare thanks to the premium Qualcomm quad core ARM processor.

Running the acclaimed TelcOS Melaleuca, our operating system noted for it's ease of setup, ease of use and rock solid reliability, and based on OpenWrt*/Linux*, the Telco X1 Pro delivers everything you need to get up and running with an ultra high speed, ultra reliable data connection quickly, easily, and securely.



Extend your range

The Telco X1 Pro is especially well suited for areas with poor signal, as the ultra sensitive modem is able to process weak signals much more effectively than lower category modems, maximising the signal at hand and delivering higher data speeds.


A rugged, performant, and reliable industrial modem router, the Telco X1 Pro is constructed from metal, and the circuit board has been designed from the ground up by Telco Antennas to meet Australia's roughest conditions head-on. Telco X1 Pro can be deployed anywhere: featuring DIN rail mount compatibility, backplate mount compatibility, and desktop installation options. 



When you have the need for speed

The X1 Pro is a CAT12 LTE Advanced Pro modem, providing superior high speed mobile data rates up to 600Mbps down 150Mbps up – this means you can live stream content uninterrupted, download large files quickly, provide fast, reliable internet service to multiple users, upload your HD videos in a flash,  make WiFi calls or play your favorite games in ultra low latency!


Made for Australia

We have been helping Australians solve their mobile connectivity issues for over a decade, so we understand what it takes to achieve the best possible performance.  That is why we designed the X1 Pro to give you a complete set of easy to use settings and installation options to optimise your connection - going well beyond what the ISP provided or standard consumer grade equipment offers.  For starters, you can use the Band Locking setting to lock the X1 Pro to the best frequency bands in your area.  You can also connect any MIMO antenna to the X1 Pro for those especially hard to service areas, allowing high speed internet access anywhere in Australia.  Need advice for picking an antenna?  Just drop us a line, we're happy to help.




Compatible Power Cables

For connecting to external DC power sources

Telco Electronics 4 Pin Power Cord with 4-way Screw Terminal  Telco Electronics 12v Car Cord / Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor


Outdoor Enclosure

Pole mountable, PoE powered IP67 enclosure with integrated antennas



Package contents

  • LTE Advanced Pro Wireless Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router (Telco X1 Pro)

  • Power adaptor (Australian plug)

  • 4x antennas

    • 2x wide band LTE

    • 2x dual band WiFi

Read more



Firmware Downloads





RCM Certified



* Telco Antennas is not affiliated with OpenWrt. OpenWrt is a registered trademark owned by Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Product images are indicative only and may vary depending on firmware version.





Firmware Downloads


Ideal Use Cases

  • Establishing an ultra fast primary or backup Internet connection via 4G LTE
  • Rural areas, or areas with poor signal quality (our ultra-sensitive modem picks up weak signal best)
  • Home/Office installations that require high speed 4G internet
  • Failover between wired WAN and CAT-12 4G LTE-A Pro
  • NBN™ alternative
  • Small to medium enterprise
  • Permanent, semi-permanent or temporary deployments
  • Vehicle, marine or caravan use
  • Designed for industrial 24/7 use, unlike travel routers
  • Creating high data capacity dual band WiFi hotspots
  • Being a Cat-12 LTE-A Pro modem, in areas with poor signal the X1 Pro works better, performs faster and is much more reliable than Cat-4 or Cat-6 LTE modems

Top Features

  • Fully featured MIMO LTE Router
  • 600Mbps/150Mbps (DL/UL) Cat-12 LTE-A Pro Modem
    • Global Frequency Support - use it anywhere in the world
    • Well suited for areas with poor signal
  • 1200Mbps Dual band WiFi: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
    • Powerful 802.11ac Wave-2 WiFi
    • 2.4GHz for extended range and obstacle penetration (300Mbps)
    • 5GHz for extra high speeds and interference avoidance (900Mbps)
  • User-Acclaimed TelcOS Melaleuca™ Firmware
    • Band Locking
    • Bridge Mode
  • Quad-core processor (ARM Cortex A7)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
    • 4x Gigabit LAN ports
    • 1x Gigabit WAN port (configurable as a 5th LAN port)
  • Industrial rugged design
  • External SIM tray (nano SIM)
  • Convenient Installation
    • DIN Rail support, 3m power cable, multiple mounting options
  • External Antenna Connectors - SMA Female (LTE) and RP-SMA Female (WiFi)
  • Fully Telstra Certified Cat 12 Chipset - Quectel EM12-G



  • mining
  • home offices
  • construction
  • sport arenas
  • parklands
  • WISPs
  • conference venues
  • mobile businesses
  • hospitality
  • education
  • marine
  • branch offices
  • payment processors
  • transportation
  • emergency services
  • agriculture
  • retreats
  • digital signage
  • vending machines
  • and more


Detailed Example Use Cases


Mine sites

There’s no denying that happy workers are productive workers, and nothing makes workers happier than staying connected to the outside world. The X1 Pro allows you to extend reliable internet service beyond the limit of most other routers, and is an affordable and reliable solution to WiFi accessibility in rural and remote locations with poor 3G and 4G signal.


Resturaunts and Hospitality

When you need to process payments, provide guest entertainment and ensure the back of house office has reliable internet access, there's no room for downtime.  You need a router that will be able to provide a secure, extra low latency, extra high speed connection that your business can thrive on.  The X1 Pro functions perfectly as a primary internet connection where DSL, cable or NBN are slow or out of reach, or as an on-standby backup connection to land line services.


Home Office or Branch Office

The X1 Pro is designed to provide a reliable and ultra high speed Internet connection for locations where NBN is out of reach or not meeting business requirements.  The powerful WiFi is strong enough to service a home or small office with up to 100 users and approximately 275 square meters indoors.  The X1 Pro also supports a number of VPN technologies so you can reach office resources such as file shares, remote desktops and printers.  Our Telco Cloud Management System gives ICT administrators the ability to monitor and manage X1 Pro's wherever they are, ensuring security, performance and quick deployment.

Performance Comparisons

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.


Telco X1 Pro 

Typical result with good (all green) signal on a tower with enough capacity

Signal estimate: 

Telco T1

Signal estimate: 

NETGEAR® Nighthawk® M1

Signal estimate: 

Comset CM210Q-W

Signal estimate: 


Please note

Performance can vary based on signal quality and other factors, including SIM data plan and network utilisation. While the modem is very powerful, it cannot deliver exceptional speeds with extremely poor signal as input. Please check the reported signal strengh on device (go to > Mobile Status page) for personalised advice on how signal can be improved.  If you have any questions before choosing a modem, consider a Site Survey to allow us to pinpoint signal issues at your location and recommend garaunteed solutions.



Designed from the ground up by Telco Antennas in Brisbane Australia

Telco X1 Pro is the ultimate in modem router performance.  Designed to be uncompromisingly fast, unbelievably rugged, and shock tested for reliability you can count on, the Telco X1 Pro delivers 600Mbps MIMO CAT-12 LTE-A Pro connectivity, gigabit ethernet, and dual band 802.11ac Wave-2 WiFi in a rugged, mountable package ready for indoor or enclosure installation.


Maximum Performance

Shred through data packets with an extremely powerful quad core, hardware accelerated Qualcomm® IPQ4019 ARM System-on-a-Chip (SoC).


MIMO LTE Advanced Pro

Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) is the cornerstone of LTE-Advanced Pro and the X1 Pro gives you everything you need to max out your connection to the Category 12 LTE-Advanced Pro specification, starting with: external antenna connectors, global frequency band support, band locking, custom APN selection and bridge mode.


Extended Temperature Support

Telco X1 Pro uses high quality extended temperature range transformers and other components, and incorporates additional heatsinks to ensure continued operation in the most rugged Australian conditions from -10C to +75C.



TelcOS™ Melaleuca


Made with trusted, industry standard technology, and it's open source

  • Powerful, yet easy and secure embedded OS designed and developed by Telco Antennas
  • Direct support for Australian mobile networks
  • Reliable Wifi with options including: guest networks, scheduling, client isolation
  • Secure firewall with support for port forwarding, traffic rules and more
  • Download backups, or clone a configuration to multiple X1 Pro's with a single file
  • Latest security patches applied
  • Incorporates KRACK Wifi vulnerability countermeasures
  • Mobile browser support
  • DHCP server including address reservations
  • Wake on Lan (WoL) - wake up other computers attached to the X1 Pro remotely
  • Ping reboot - reboot if a host is unavailable for too long
  • Remote logging - send logs to a logging server
  • Built with a rock-solid Linux® core based on the latest stable OpenWrt® *
  • Includes the latest in VPN technology: WireGuard®


True signal information, not just "bars"

With real signal metrics and easy explainations of what they mean and how to improve them, TelcOS Melaleuca gives you the knowledge at hand that you need to optimise your installation.

Band Locking

  • Lock on to the best frequency bands in your area
  • Tune the X1 Pro to your antenna


Bridge Mode

Telco X1 Pro supports bridge mode, sending the mobile data IP address to a device attached to the LAN, so you can effortlessly integrate the Telco X1 Pro's ultra high speed mobile data connection into your existing network infrastructure.


Per-Device Speed Limits

You asked and we listened - easily set a speed limit per connected device via the new Speed Limits tab:



Limit this device to 10Mbps down 5Mbps up


Speed test run from that device


Uncompromising features for IT Admins and Power Users


  • Limit of 40 per order
  • Attention Optus Fixed Wireless Customers
  • For large volume orders please contact us
  • Performance can vary based on signal strength. While the modem is very powerful, it cannot deliver exceptional speeds with extremely poor signal as input. Please check reported signal strengh on device (go to > Mobile Status page) for personalised advice on how signal can be improved.

Optus is not allowing third party devices to access their Fixed Wireless network which uses the APN LTEBROADBAND.  Only Optus branded devices can access the LTEBROADBAND network.  Unfortunately this means you cannot use a Telco X1 Pro to access this closed network.  The Optus Mobile Data network, however, does allow third party devices, so the Telco X1 Pro can be used on that network.  For details please see the Optus Critical Information Summary under Equipment Needs.


Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects, and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity, and network overhead, and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection quality, and client condition.

Maximum mobile speeds derived from 3GPP specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects, and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity, and network overhead, and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection quality, and client condition.




TelcOS™ Melaleuca



  • Bridge Mode

    • ​AKA: IP Passthrough mode

  • VPN Protocols

    • WireGuard™ - Server and Client (peer)

    • OpenVPN™ - Server and Client

    • SoftEther™ VPN - Client

    • OpenConnect (Cisco AnyConnect™ compatible) - Client

    • OpenFortiVPN (Fortinet™ VPN compatible) - Client

  • Firewall

    • Port Forwarding

    • Traffic Rules

    • Custom Rules

    • NAT Rules

    • Zones

  • DHCP

  • GRE

  • Programming Languages

    • Lua (backend/frontend)

    • Shell script (ash) (backend/frontend)

    • Python (available on request via custom firmware) (backend/frontend)

    • JavaScript (frontend)

    • HTML (frontend)

    • C/C++ (ARM Linux target) (backend)


  • Input: 12V to 18V 1.5 to 2A

  • IEEE 802.11/b/g/n/ac

  • Antenna connectors

  • 5GHz Wifi
    • up to 900Mbps
    • 40MHz/80MHz channel widths
    • Up to 1000mW transmit power
  • 2.4GHz WiFi
    • up to 300Mbps capacity

    • up 100m radius outdoor coverage area 30m indoor

    • Recommended for up to 100 clients

    • 20MHz/40MHz channel widths

  • Five ports - 4 x LAN - 1 x WAN

Cat12 LTE Advanced Pro modem 

  • Peak Download Rate: 600Mbps

  • Peak Upload Rate: 150Mbps

  • MIMO Antenna Compatible

  • 3x Carrier Aggregation, 256QAM

    • Maximum aggregated bandwidth: up to 60MHz (20MHz + 20MHz + 20MHz)

  • 3GPP Release Version: 12

  • SIM Size: Nano-SIM (4FF)

  • Transmit Power (max)

    • LTE Bands: 23 dBm +/- 2dB

    • UMTS Bands: +24 dBm +/- 3dB

    • 1x Nano-SIM slot with tray

    • Quality Assured: ISO 9001
    • Power consumption:
      • 4.2W Idle
      • 7W Peak under load
  • USB Port
    • Use for
      • Industrial serial I/O (microcontroller)
        • leverage full programmability of the Telco X1 Pro to suit your application
      • USB modem (backup or load balancing connection)
      • Power/charging of USB devices


Power adaptor

  • Australian plug
  • Input: 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.5A
  • Output: 12V/2A


Power Consumption

  • 4.2W idle
  • 7W typical peak under load
  • 9.5W max


Supported Frequency Bands - Global Network Support

Supports frequency bands used across the entire globe.

X1 Pro supports Band Locking to any combination of the below bands (Aussie bands shown in bold)

  • LTE Band 1
  • LTE Band 2
  • LTE Band 3
  • LTE Band 5
  • LTE Band 7
  • LTE Band 8
  • LTE Band 9
  • LTE Band 12
  • LTE Band 13
  • LTE Band 14
  • LTE Band 17
  • LTE Band 18
  • LTE Band 19
  • LTE Band 20
  • LTE Band 21
  • LTE Band 25
  • LTE Band 26
  • LTE Band 28
  • LTE Band 29
  • LTE Band 30
  • LTE Band 32
  • LTE Band 38
  • LTE Band 39
  • LTE Band 40
  • LTE Band 41
  • LTE Band 66


  • UMTS Band 1
  • UMTS Band 5
  • UMTS Band 6
  • UMTS Band 8
  • UMTS Band 9
  • UMTS Band 19

Carrier Aggregation

Network Service Compatibility
Telstra 4GX Band 28 (700 MHz)
Optus 4G+ Band 28 (700 MHz)
Telstra Next-G™ Band 5 (850 MHz)
Vodafone 4G+ Band 5 (850 MHz)* *Please check Vodafone Coverage Map
Optus Regional 3G Band 8 (900 MHz)* *Please check Optus Coverage Map.
Vodafone Regional 3G Band 8 (900 MHz)* *Please check Vodafone Coverage Map.
Telstra/Optus/Vodafone 4G Band 3 (1800 MHz)
All Carriers - Urban/Metro 3G Band 1 (2100 MHz)
Optus 4G TDD Band 40 (2300 MHz)
Telstra 4G Band 8 (900MHz)
Telstra 4GX Band 7 (2600 MHz)


Attention Optus Fixed Wireless Customers

Optus is not allowing third party devices to access their Fixed Wireless network which uses the APN LTEBROADBAND.  Only Optus branded devices can access the LTEBROADBAND network.  Unfortunately this means you cannot use a Telco X1 Pro to access this closed network.  The Optus Mobile Data network, however, does allow third party devices, so the Telco X1 Pro can be used on that network.  For details please see the Optus Critical Information Summary under Equipment Needs.



3x Carrier Aggregation

The Telco X1 Pro is capable of combining up to 3 LTE bands to maximise data throughput capacity and improve network performance.

LTE Antenna Specifications



  • Dual Band IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac Wave-2 WiFi up to 1200Mbps
  • 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz channel width
  • Up to 1000mW transmit power
  • Modes
    • Access Point
    • Client
    • Ad-hoc
    • IEEE 802.11s Mesh
    • Monitor
  • WDS - Wireless Distribution System
    • WDS AP
    • WDS Station
  • WMM
  • Encryption
    • WPA2-PSK
    • WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Mixed mode
    • WPA-PSK
    • WEP Shared Key
    • WEP Open System
    • No encryption
  • MAC Address Filter
  • Supports up to 4 SSID's with unique security and firewall profiles
  • Guest SSIDs
  • Isolate Clients - prevents client-to-client communication
  • Hide SSID

WiFi Antenna Specifications


  • Height: 30mm

    • With antenna: add 140mm to height

  • Width: 155mm

  • Depth: 110mm

  • Weight: 200g

  • Material: Alloy

  • Operating temperature: -10° to +65° C

  • Operating humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing

  • Various mounting options

  • Small form factor for versatile installation


Model # TEL-X1-PRO
Brand Telco Electronics
Artist / Author Telco Electronics
Shipping Weight 0.6000kg
Shipping Width 0.285m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Shipping Cubic 0.003420000m3
Assembled Length 0.150m
Assembled Height 0.170m
Assembled Width 0.110m
Type Modem Router

2 Years

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