Rural High Speed internet with Telco X1 Pro Outdoor

Rural High Speed internet with Telco X1 Pro Outdoor main image Rural High Speed internet with Telco X1 Pro Outdoor image

Supercharge your Telco X1 Pro with our outdoor antenna pole mount kit

  • Featuring a powerful XPOL MIMO antenna for LTE and WiFi, you can receive and transmit signal at a greater distance than stock antennas.
  • Being fully IP67 rated and UV protected, it is the first choice for mounting Telco X1 Pro in an industrial environment


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Cost comparison


Price for comparable kit: $1467.00


Price for Telco Outdoor Kit: $1133.00

  • IP67 rated outdoor kit base: $1100
  • 20m Telco Wildcat ethernet cable: $33


Install it anywhere

  • Solid construction for maximum performance and reliability

  • Integrated bracket for poles 25-60mm

  • Fully IP67 and UV resistant


Industrial and Outdoor applications

  • Provide a focused beam of WiFi data coverage to an area in front of the panel
  • Add up to 7 waterproof glands


Residential and Business applications

  • Put the modem where the signal is and get better reception and faster speeds with your Telco X1 Pro



Plug and play kit

  • Simply connect the data cables, configure and start enjoying high speed internet anywhere.


Save big on cost

  • Rather than buying an external antenna system, simply put the modem where the signal is!
  • Telco X1 Pro Outdoor Kit runs on ethernet cable, instead of expensive antenna cable


Cloud Management Ready



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