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Telstra Next-G 16dBi Yagi Antenna - Fully Welded Aluminium

telco 16dBi telstra next-G 3G yagi for wireless internet
SKU: 16-YAG-850

Telco 16dBi 850MHz Telstra Next-G Yagi Antenna

  • Designed for Telstra Next-G devices
  • Narrow beamwidth, high F/B ratio
  • Fully welded alloy construction with black powder-coat
  • Short Semi-Flex cable tail with N Female connector.

This durable antenna has been designed for applications requiring high performance - sporting low passive inter-modulation, and low VSWR. All 20 aluminium alloy elements have been precision welded to the boom to ensure long service life and black UV-stable powder-coat provides corrosion protection and assists ice-shedding in colder climates.

To ensure maximum performance a finely tuned chrome copper-alloy dipole has been VSWR-matched with a semi-flex SF141 microwave-grade transmission line, terminated with a white bronze N Female connector. The folded dipole assembly has been injection sealed to eliminate potential water ingress.

Designed for operation on 850MHz 3G networks such as Telstra Next-G, this antenna has a stable VSWR response across the entire 824-896MHz bandwidth, permitting use with practically any communications or telemetry application within the band.

Is this the right antenna for me?

If you're having serious problems with your Next-G broadband internet or mobile phone signal, the performance of this high quality fully welded aluminium antenna cannot be matched. Measuring in at 2.4m, this yagi is a solid piece of hardware that is often used for:
- very flat outback locations
- areas where transmission in the direction of the base station is clear of obstructions for several kilometres
- when no service is available, even for several kilometres
- when no other antenna cuts the mustard.

Higher Gain Yagi Antennas

To increase the gain of a yagi antenna by 3dB you have to double its length. A good quality 16dBi yagi measures around 2.4m in length, so you can imagine a 19dBi yagi should measure between 4-5m in length. Accordingly having a larger yagi is not practical, instead higher gain is achieved by using grid antennas, such as the two models below.

Network Compatibility
Network Compatibility
Telstra Next-G™ (850MHz)
All other networks
not compatible

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 824-896MHz
Input Impedance: 50Ω
VSWR: <1.5:1 (-20dB RL typical)
Vertical Beamwidth: 27°
Horisontal Beamwidth: 26°
Front to Back Ratio: >18 dB
PIM IMD: <-110dBc
Radiation: Directional
Maximum Power: 100W

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Construction: Fully Welded Aluminium, Matt Black Powder Coat
Cable: Short Semi-Flex SF141 Blue PVC
Connector: N Female White Bronze
Mount: None Supplied, Recommend UNV + M4528 Strut Kit
Weight: 1.25kg
Wind Velocity: 200km/hr
Working temperature: -40°~+60°
Dimensions: 2350 x 80 x 190mm (L x W x H)

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Important Delivery Information

Special Delivery Information

over-size item symbol signThis product is a whopping 2.4m long and can only be delivered by a courier (not Australia Post). As such we cannot accept a PO Box. Please provide an address where someone will be present to sign for the package.

Price: $249.00

At 2.4m in length, this antenna requires a bracing strut and heavy duty bracket.