Industrial 3G/4G Modems

The modems listed here are rugged, durable and built specifically for harsh remote environments.

Choosing a Modem Router

When choosing a Modem Router, a higher LTE category (e.g. CAT12) means better performance.   A CAT6 will usually perform at least twice as fast as a CAT4 in the same location, and a CAT12 will usually perform at least twice as fast as a CAT6 at the same location.  Choosing a higher category modem also means you can operate more efficiently in areas with poor signal compared to a lower category modem - that is to say a CAT12 or CAT6 can operate on signal so low that it might be unusable on a CAT4.


Telco Electronics - Australia's own

We have been helping Australians solve their mobile connectivity issues for over a decade, so we understand what it takes to achieve the best possible performance.  That is why we started Telco Electronics, our own line of high performance and easy to use modem routers.  While they work great out of the box, they are packed with useful settings and hardware features to optimise your connection too.  Pair a Telco Electronics device with one of our Telco antennas for maximum performance.   Need advice for picking an antenna, would like firmware customisation, engineering or techincal support?  We are based in Brisbane, so just drop us a line, we're happy to help!  Look for the Telco brand and compare it to the competition - we aim to offer value for money and unrivalled quality.


Industrial Design

Compact full metal designs, easy integration and rich built-in features, make these 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE modem+routers suitable for a wide range of industrial M2M applications, including:

  • industrial automation

  • building automation

  • smart metering

  • security

  • surveillance

  • health, and

  • mining and environmental monitoring.