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Industrial 3G/4G Modems

Industrial 3G/4G Modemsindustrial 4G 4GX B28 modem commercial grade ethernet router

Sporting durable and rugged designs, modems in this category are built specifically for remote harsh environments. Compact full metal designs, easy integration and rich built-in features make these 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE modem+routers suitable for a wide range of industrial M2M applications, including industrial automation, building automation, smart metering, security, surveillance, health, mining and environmental monitoring.

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Teltonika RUT950 700MHz 4GX industrial Router modem, 4g modem, 4gx modemTeltonika RUT950 Industrial 3G+4G+4GX Modem Router$449.00
comset telstra next-g 4gx industrial modem 700MHz routerComset CM210A-W Industrial 3G+4G+4GX WiFi Modem Router$869.00
Comset CM685T-W 4G Router Next-G Modem WiFiComset CM685T-W Industrial 3G + 4G WiFi Modem Router$799.00
Comset industrial CM820T-W 4G Router Next-G Modem WiFiComset CM820T Industrial 4-Port 3G + 4G WiFi Modem Router$849.00
Comset CM820V-T 4GX Modem Router IndustrialComset CM820V Industrial 4-Port 3G+4G+4GX WiFi Modem Router$869.00
Netcomm LTE Cat6 Industrial Grade M2M Router - 3G/ 4G / 4GX / 4G+$999.00
netcomm industrial 4G modem NTC-140W router gigabit LTENetComm NTC-140W Industrial 3G+4G M2M Router$789.00
n/aNetcomm NTC-140W Power Supply$29.00
netcomm NTC-3000 serial modem 3g telstra industrial m2mNetComm NTC-3000 Industrial 3G Serial Modem$299.00
NetComm-NTC-6200-02-Industrial-Wireless-M2M-Router-with-GPSNetComm NTC-6200-02 Industrial Wireless M2M Router with GPS$649.00
Teltonika DIN Rail Kit for RUT950Teltonika DIN Rail Kit for RUT950$28.00
Teltonika RUT950 Replacement Power Supply Unit (2-pin green)$19.99