Telco XPOL 2X2 MIMO 13-16 dBi Industrial Class Panel Antenna


Key Features


  • Dual-polarised antenna feed with high isolation

  • Industrial grade weatherproof FRP radome

  • High gain, high F/B ratio

  • Two integrated N Female connectors

  • 700 MHz 4GX with full Next-G & 3G fallback.




Our aim was to design an antenna that provides the best possible performance on the 700 MHz network while maintaining fallback onto 3G networks should there be an issue connecting to the network.


  • This heavy duty panel antenna provides an incredibly high gain over the new Telstra and Optus 700 MHz 4G networks, along with full fallback onto Next-G and 3G networks (850 MHz and 900 MHz)

  • This antenna has been carefully designed to provide the highest practical gain on the new 700 MHz 4G networks, ideal for long range Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ connections, and locations where signal strengths are extremely low

  • The XPOL700-900 also offers best-in-class performance for 900 MHz point to point/multipoint wireless links

  • Offering a very low VSWR and <-140 dBc PIM, this antenna is not only ideal for tough receiver environments, but is suitable for broadcast and carrier operations while offering best-in-class performance

  • The unavoidable limitation of operating on such a low frequency is its long wavelength, and as such the antenna is quite large. Consequently this antenna strictly requires a minimum 50mm diameter mounting pole, such as a Heavy Duty Galvanised Mast.


A heads up!


  • This antenna is large and of considerable weight.


Specifications / Frequency


Network Compatibility
Telstra 4GX (700 MHz)
16 dBi
Optus 4G+ (700 MHz)
16 dBi
Telstra Next-G™ (850 MHz)
14 dBi
Vodafone 4G+ (850 MHz)* *Please check Vodafone Coverage Map
14 dBi
Optus Regional 3G (900 MHz)
15 dBi
Vodafone Regional 3G (900 MHz)
15 dBi
LPWAN (915 MHz)
15 dBi


Electrical Specifications


  • Frequency Range: 698 to 960 MHz

  • Input Impedance: 50 Ω

  • VSWR: <1.6:1

  • Polarisation: ±45° (XPOL)

  • Vertical Beamwidth: 30° (± 15°)

  • Horizontal Beamwidth: 30° (± 15°)

  • Front to Back Ratio: >25 dB

  • Inter-Port Isolation: >26 dB

  • PIM IMD (3rd Order): <-140 dBc

  • Radiation: Directional

  • Maximum Power: 100 Watts


Mechanical/Environmental Specifications


  • Construction: Heavy Duty FRP Radome, Galvanised mechanical-tilt bracket

  • Cable: None

  • Input Connector: 2x N-Type Female

  • White Bronze Wind Rating: 198 km/hr

  • Temperature: -40 °C to +60 °C

  • Weight: 12 kg

  • Dimensions: 600 x 560 x 156 mm (L x W x D)

  • Mounting: 50 to 114 mm Ø pole


This antenna has been laboratory tested in a certified 3D Anechoic Chamber. All listed electrical specification and performance is produced from real-world test data, and not the product of computer simulation.


telco fabrications engineer certified mount





"So I ordered all the gear and the larger Xpol 3G/4Gx high gain from you guys. WOW.. I had no bars on my modem on the roof just holding it in the air. I hooked up the New high gain Xpol and got 2 solid bars.. this gave me 28MBps down, and 10 up. They were amazed… so was I ! What a great bit of kit."

-- Email Feedback: 15/03/2016




 N Flange panel mount connector

N Female Connector [pictured]
This antenna has two integrated N Female connectors at the base of the antenna. There is no cable supplied.


Brand Telco Antennas
Shipping Weight 16.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.630m
Shipping Height 0.280m
Shipping Length 0.760m
Shipping Cubic 0.134064000m3