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Resource Centre

Client Resources

Client Resources Page
This page contains links to a number of resources targeted towards clients such as feedback forms and legal documents.

Staff Resources

Staff Resources
A quick reference page for Telco staff who cannot access the eDRMS.

General Guides

List of Installers
Click here to view our list of preferred installers - all states & territories.

Solar Power Calculator
Calculate how much power can be produced from your solar panels.

Selecting a 3G/4G Antenna
This guide covers the key differences between the many different types, gains and constructions of all antennas listed on this website. Use this guide to find the most suitable antenna for your situation.

Coverage Maps
Here you can find mobile phone and wireless internet coverage maps for all major Australian and New Zealand networks (Optus, Vodafone, Telstra).

Frequently Asked Questions
A must read! Answers to questions about increasing speed with an antenna, reducing ping, congested areas, locating towers, security, and much more.

Guide to Antenna Cables & Connectors
This guide will explain the differences in cable types and connectors, and when you should use one type over another.

Poor Mobile Coverage Explained
A detailed explanation on the different causes of mobile coverage blackspots.

Locating a Phone Tower
This guide will help you locate your nearest phone tower and assess the surrounding terrain to determine the best performing antenna.

Access Your Phone's Signal Meter
A list of engineering menu codes and apps to view a more detailed breakdown of your phone's signal.

Understanding the Jargon
Don't quite understand all the units/acronyms/technical terms? Fear not, we've got them all here in non-technical language.

Telstra 4G

Telstra 4G Explained
A comprehensive guide to Telstra 4G and the different 4G antennas.

Locating a Telstra 4G Tower
A follow on from the Locating a Phone Tower guide, this is an important step to ensure you've found a Telstra 4G 1800MHz tower.

Installing a 4G Antenna
A complete household 4G installation, resulting in +60Mbps over 14km from town.

What is MIMO?
A basic overview of Multiple In Multiple Out technology in your wireless internet modem - what it is, how it works.

Fastest Telstra 4G Speed
Learn how we achieved the fastest 4G speed recorded in Australia. This is focused at the more technical minded.

How to Force your Modem onto Telstra 4G
We use the Bigpond Mobile Broadband Connection Manager to force your modem to only search for 4G signals no matter how weak. I also show how you can use the modem terminal to activate other handy functions like sending sms from your 4G modem.

Optus 4G

Optus 4G Explained
Technical Details regarding the introduction of Optus 4G LTE.

Vodafone 4G

Vodafone 4G Explained
Technical Details regarding the introduction of Vodafone 4G LTE.

NBN Fixed Wireless

NBN Fixed Wireless Non Standard Installation
Can't get NBN Fixed Wireless at your house? This guide may help get a "Non-Standard Installation" approved with NBN.

Mobile Broadband Technology

2G, 3G, Next-G, 4G - What's the difference?
In this guide we cover off the major differences between the different 'generation' networks, including link and physical layer differences.

Why we don't sell 21dBi Yagi's
A breakdown of Yagi mechanics and a buyer beware of falsely spec'd antennas.

Guide to Repeaters
This page provides some background on both active and passive mobile phone repeaters, and how to set up a passive repeater.

Illegal Repeater Exposé
We lift the lid on dodgy online retailers claiming to sell legal repeaters for Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.

Guide to Patch Leads
A brief overview of the different types of patch leads and their benefits.

Coaxial Cable Theory
Basic theory behind coaxial cables, as well as an explanation of the electrical characteristics relevant to high speed data applications.

Wireless Networking

Long Range WiFi/Extending WiFi Coverage using Ubiquiti NanoStation
Follow this guide to learn how to set up a Ubiquiti NanoStation as a long range WiFi access point.

Setting up Ubiquiti Bullet as a WiFi Base Station
This guide will help you set up a Ubiquiti Bullet as a WiFi base station, including best practices for surge protection, and cabling.

3G/4G Solar Power Relay Station
This is by far the most comprehensive guide on installing and configuring a solar powered 3G modem and retransmitting internet to a location in a complete signal deadspot. Please note there is no similar solution available for mobile phone coverage.

Engineering Resouces

Horizontal Isolation Calculator
Use this tool to calculate horizontal separation of collocated antennas, using gain figures in the direction of the opposing antennas.

Vertical Isolation Calculator
Use this tool to calculate vertical separation of collocated antennas, using gain figures in the direction of the opposing antennas.

ACMA Emission Designator Converter
Use this converter tool to interpret an ACMA emission code and return a human readable explanation.

The Importance of the Normalised Field Pattern
In this short guide we demonstrate the importance of factoring in the antenna radiation pattern when computer modelling RF transmission.

List of Mobile Broadband Data Card Connectors
PDF document containing all major branded (ZTE, Sierra Wireless, Huawei, etc.) data cards and routers, with their corresponding antenna port connectors (SSMB, TS-9, CRC9, etc.).

Sierra Wireless AT Modem Commands
PDF containing a list of modem terminal commands suitable for use with most Sierra Wireless modems, such as the Telstra/Bigpond 4G 320U, Ultimate 312U, and many more.

ACMA Emissions Designator List
Explanation of emission designation codes. This PDF can be used in conjunction with Telco RF or ACMA Site Lookups.

Coaxial Cable Loss Calculator
Online calculator for coaxial cable attenuation. Executable download available here.